Eau Kulen Bottles

Natural Mineral Water
“Embraced by Nature”


Minerals are essential in the development of the body. They are needed to build strong bone and teeth, and participate in all the metabolic process which allow all parts of body to well function. Water makes up to 60-70% of the total body weight and drinking natural mineral water, about 2 liters of water per day for an adult is essential, especially in a hot country as Cambodia, to avoid dehydration, loss of minerals and health problem.   Eau Kulen is characterized by a very well balance mineral composition – all minerals necessary to the body are present and no one is in excessive quantity.   Eau Kulen contains zero calories and is ideal for people concerned about their health and diet.


Calcium is the essential element of bones, teeth and the most abundant element in the human body (on average 1.5% of total bodyweight).   It is also vital for hormone production and many other biological processes.

WHO Recommendation 20-80mg/l
Eau Kulen 52mg/l
Pure drinking water 0mg/l  


Magnesium is essential for good health – it is found in our bones and in our blood. It helps regulate proper heart rhythm, blood sugar level, disorder such as hypertension, and ability to relax muscles.

WHO Recommendation 10-30mg/l
Eau Kulen 16mg/l
Pure drinking water 0mg/l  


Sodium is a necessary requirement for a balanced diet, it helps to maintain the water in our body and is essential in neuro-transmissions processes.


Silica is very useful to keep healthy your tissues as skin, nails, hairs, and help your body to eliminate toxic metals, particularly Aluminum. Eau Kulen is the unique Cambodian’s natural mineral water with significant silica content.

Eau Kulen also contains

Potassium 0.8mg/l, to stimulate the body’s metabolism   Bicarbonate 313mg/l, to help digestion, reduce a stomach acidity.