At the beginning

Drop after drop, the rain which fall on the Kulen mountain is filtrated over the years through several hundred meters of sandstone, an old marine deposit, from which it takes its various minerals. The water then accumulates in an aquifer located deep below the earth’s surface at the foot of Kulen mountain.

Eau Kulen Story

After years of very intensive technical studies, geophysical prospection and exploration, an excellent spring was found in 2010, in a deep aquifer located at the foot of the Phnom Kulen, Cambodia’s most sacred mountain and birthplace of the Khmer civilization. This natural mineral water spring was named “Eau Kulen” by the Cambodian company “KULARA WATER Co., Ltd”, which has been formed to develop the brand and its production and distribution. The modern bottling plant has been installed close to the source, in a green and well preserved environment. Production of Eau Kulen is done under French technical supervision. Distribution started in 2013, first in Siem Reap Province and few months after in Phnom Penh. Eau Kulen is now available all over Cambodia.

Eau Kulen bottled at source is therefore “ Embraced by nature”.